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The special exhibitions at Japanisches Palais are dedicated increasingly to the transcultural past of the museum’s own collections, and will tell stories that once appeared to be hidden from us. Crucial is the question how images, forms, ideas and concepts cross perceived boundaries between cultures.

Special exhibition by Museum für Völkerkunde Dresden at Japanisches Palais

Wordless — Falling Silent Loudly

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Archiv der Avantgarden

The Archiv der Avantgarden (AdA), an archive of 20th-century avant-garde art, contains approximately 1.5 million artworks and other objects

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Regal mit Büchern und Zeitschriften
© SKD, Foto: David Pinzer

Museum für Völkerkunde Dresden

Please note: The exhibition site of the Museum für Völkerkunde Dresden is currently closed. Current events you may find under “Program”.

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© Mo.Zaboli

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Past exhibitions at Japanisches Palais



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